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Whole Super trimmed back bacon …. aswell as a full range of shelf ready bacon and gammon products available unsmoked and smoked with traditional or special cures.



Specializing in import and export of striploin and fillets to the food service sector. Available as classic primal cuts aswell as basted options.



Sourcing finest portion controlled pre-cooked IQF chicken breast fillets and selecting only the best for our premium brand “Gold standard nutrition” available in Bodybuilding gyms and nutrition shops.



Taking care of the retail channel with fully cooked aromatic half ducks, kits and also shredded ready for self assembly. We also have pre shredded and sauced options ideal for the sandwich sector. Our 888 shredded duck in hoisin sauce is also now available in a 1kg pouch offering as 60 easy served portions.



Full range of prime cuts, trims and offal, fresh or frozen by the pallet or full container only. We have extended the pork classic cut range with our new basted options. The meaty spare rib and collar is proving very popular into the Chinese wholesale sector.



Whole Belly ribs, loin ribs, riblets, soft bone. Available in fixed weight boxes as pre-calibrated or random weight pieces.

“Sous Vide” slow cooked in a full range of sauces fro around the world as whole racks, half racks or singles. Now available as Salt n pepper and Hot n spicy fried option to an authentic Chinese recipe. Packed in 1kg free flow bag or in a foil tray for easy cook. Ideal for pbs, restaurants and takeaways for a quick starter or main option. - Cooked


Pulled Meats

We offer a full range of Slow cooked and ready pulled and sauced meat & poultry products in branded or non branded packs. Lone star (Logo) – Pulled Pork in Smoky BBQ sauce

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